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Discover all the advantages of the ERP system in companies!

Do you already know the advantages of the ERP system in companies? Did you know that this type of solution can boost your results in a much simpler way than you think?

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs saw technology as something restricted only to large companies. 

Automating repetitive tasks, centralizing business areas, and having valuable information to make decisions are essential factors for everyone who wants to grow in the market. 

Knowing this, we prepared this content to clarify how ERP can help you get more productivity in your management. Follow the content and also discover how to have the best ERP for your team.

8 advantages of ERP system in companies 

If you want to be part of this trend and stand out in the area in which you operate, you cannot ignore the advantages of the ERP system in companies. Understand the main ones:

 1. Time optimization

One of the main reasons to use ERP is the automation of manual tasks. With it, a task that used to take hours can be done quickly and with little effort. 

Whoever is responsible for cash flow, sales information, and inventory knows how time-consuming this is. With an ERP, you facilitate your routine, ensuring availability to dedicate more time to strategic analysis of the company. 

   2. All in one place 

It is not new that all areas of the company must act in agreement. However, even in small businesses, it is sometimes difficult to control and integrate the demands of different sectors.

Among the best advantages of the ERP system in companies is that no information or control is isolated. Instead of spreadsheets, agendas, tables, and specific systems that don't talk to each other, your team can have everything together in one place. 

   3. Cost reduction

Some entrepreneurs still believe that investing in technology means generating more expenses for the company. However, the purpose of the ERP system is precise to reduce them.

After all, in addition to increasing your productivity and strategic vision, this system prevents you from missing deadlines, ensures balance for stock demands, improves accounting control, optimizes financial management, and increases customer satisfaction. 

   4. Fewer human errors 

The automation of tasks does not just guarantee the optimization of time. In fact, this is a benefit of ERP that also reduces errors and rework. 

This is because everything related to financial, fiscal, accounting, commercial, inventory, and collection demands is interconnected in the system. Thus, a failure will never turn into a “snowball.” Any non-compliance can be corrected in a few clicks. 

   5. Complete reports 

Among the advantages of the ERP system in companies is that every process inserted in it has its data collected, processed, organized, and transformed into reports.

In a visual and immediate way, managers can follow the progress of the sectors, and all the financial demands and obtain complete knowledge about the “health” of the company, its eventual bottlenecks, points for improvement, and other strategic opportunities. 

   6. Data security 

Speaking of business data, it is a fact that they are very valuable inputs for management. Therefore, there can be no risk that they will be lost, corrupted, or leaked.

The best ERPs on the market are backed by strong encryption standards and accessible only to authorized people in each department. In addition, working in the cloud guarantees its complete integrity, as backups are automatic and constant. 

   7. Remote access 

Still, in relation to working in the cloud, you also have more flexibility (which is something increasingly demanded by the market), and the reason is simple: with an ERP, all you need is a computer or cell phone with internet to access the anywhere and anytime. This not only facilitates the performance of external teams but also streamlines the work of management.

   8. Personalization 

Finally, all the advantages of the ERP system in companies are obtained according to their needs.

The best ERPs offer a custom implementation. This means having prices and tools in line with your reality. Thus, you guarantee what you need most to improve your management without any resource missing daily (or even “over” without being used).

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Date: Sep 05 2022

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See how to start investing

“How to start investing ?” Ask yourself this question, the first step is taken. Amid so many fees, taxation, and fluctuations involving the financial market, it is common for people to be afraid to start applying. However, with interest and will, the possibilities are endless.

Financial education is the foundation of every novice investor, which enables more assertive and conscious decisions when choosing which asset to add to your portfolio. To help you understand how to start investing in the financial market, we have separated some tips. Check it out below!   

Know your goals

Before you start investing in the market, you need to find your goals, that is, why it is so essential to saving this capital. The reasons can be the most varied: from making an exchange to saving for a future emergency.

The important point of this step is to find a way or reason to control your earnings, in addition to preventing income from being wasted in other directions.

In this step, you also determine the type of liquidity — the ease with which the asset is sold — and the term for your investment. In other words, whether it will be short, medium, or long term.

Find your investor profile

The next step is to find your investor profile. The profiles are divided into three main categories: conservative, moderate and aggressive — covering investors who want to know how to start investing from scratch.

  • The conservative model is the profile that aggregates investors who prefer security over high yields. However, it can also be applied to beginners in the financial market;

  • The moderate profile is attributed to those investors who value the profitability of their asset portfolios, but still prefer not to take large risks, such as investing in stocks for beginners,

  • The aggressive investor is credited with the best types of returns in the financial market, but that means taking risks. This type of profile is the one that most values ​​​​income and knows the financial market, that is, knows how to take advantage of the fluctuations of the Stock Exchange, for example.

choose investments

Amid so many asset options, it is normal for a beginner not to know where to start investing. In general, investments are evaluated by experienced investors according to the risk, profitability, and liquidity they represent in the asset portfolio.

In addition to these assessments, investments are divided into two ways: fixed income and variable income. While the first is considered safer, the second is said to be more profitable. Want to know more? Check it out below.

1- Fixed income

More suitable for investors with a conservative or moderate profile, the fixed income modality consists of public and private bond assets, in which returns are generated by fixed and floating rates, causing a predictable aspect to the investment.

With fixed rates, the fixed percentage charged is determined in the contract. While floating rates are linked to an index, such as the Selic rate, the basic interest rate. 

Currently, the Selic rate is low, affecting the returns on investments to which this index is linked, such as traditional savings and the Selic Treasury. 

2 - Variable income

If you've already thought about how to start investing in the Stock Exchange, know that this investment is variable income and considered high risk. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who have already tried investing in fixed-income assets.

As it is a market that constantly undergoes fluctuations in values, the Stock Exchange (B3) requires experience from those who will invest, that is, investors with an aggressive profile who know how to start investing in stocks, reversing possible losses in times of crisis.

The stock market usually generates more short-term profitability, unlike fixed-income investments, which require more time for capital to be redeemed.

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Date: Sep 05 2022

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How to start an online business from scratch? (7 options)

However, even though it is very attractive and promises great success, it is necessary to know where to start, due to the complexity of the digital market. Thinking about this scenario, we have prepared 7 tips and options on how to undertake online. Check out:

1. Create a blog

Blogs are a profitable way to start an online business. A blog is a site of articles on the most diverse subjects – they can be academics, impressions, travel, tips, gastronomy, etc.

Blogs are widely used by major brands to promote products and create a positive brand image for consumers. In addition, it is possible to generate income from blogs by selling advertising space within site.

Every blog from the very beginning has a very low demand and therefore does not require a lot of time invested. To have a successful blog, it is necessary to have captivating writing which holds the reader's attention.

2. Dropshipping

The dropshipping option is another profitable way to start an online business with little initial investment. For those unfamiliar with the modality, in dropshipping, the entrepreneur acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the final consumer.

The modality exists because many consumers do not have contact or access to the supplier because they are articles and products that are not easily found in the market. 

The dropship's function is to order the items and pass them on to the consumer, so it doesn't need stock or large initial investment structures, unlike online stores, which makes the venture profitable right from the start.

3. Consultancy for digital marketing

Another lucrative area for those who master digital marketing is investing in the area of ​​digital consulting.

The marketing consultant will guide brands and companies during their new marketing strategies, in addition to pointing out market opportunities and providing support during the planning of marketing actions. 

This alternative shows that it is not necessarily necessary to sell a product to have a profitable online venture. It is enough to have the knowledge of how to sell the product or service and teach brands how to do it.

Many brands look to marketing consultants for quick solutions, which bring practicality and speed and increase sales results in a short time.

4. The good old online store

Although there are many virtual stores around the world, this is an extremely profitable modality to undertake online quickly and easily. In Pak alone, there are 930,000 e-commerce stores, which, in 2021, handled more than 161 billion reais and more than 353 million deliveries, according to a survey promoted by Istoé.

Competition is high, but it is a market that involves rapid turnover of money and remains high, with no expectation of slowing down in the short or medium period. Mainly after the high market demand, due to the pandemic, which boosted online sales in the national territory.

The great advantage is the existence of several specific niches to undertake that have few or no e-commerce stores operating in the area, and consumers are increasingly looking for specialized stores for their purchases.

To have a reduced initial investment when opening a virtual store, there is the option of marketplaces; thus, the entrepreneur does not need to worry about platforms, their own website, or delivery systems, which are already provided by the marketplace itself. 

5. Copywriting for brands and companies

Content marketing is a strategy used by many brands, and it serves to build an image, increase authority on certain subjects, publicize the business and attract more consumers.

A good copywriter has the ability to produce articles for blogs, write newsletters, e-books, and institutional materials for the most diverse companies. Therefore, investing in good writing is critical to becoming a copywriter.

Most companies, around 64%, outsource the production of content and bet on the personalized production of that same content, according to a survey carried out by DemandMetric.

For those who want to undertake as a copywriter, it is possible to start writing texts through a Samsung, Dell, Lenovo notebook, or even a smartphone, without leaving home. Just have access to the internet and have a CNPJ number to issue notes regarding the services provided.

6. Production of info products

A great way to undertake online is to open an info-products business. That is, being a creator of digital products such as e-books, audiobooks, online courses, and videos, among other modalities.

The advantage of this modality is that the product is created only once, like an e-book or a course, and its sales potential is unlimited, without concern for stock or delivery system, thus making the venture very profitable.

It is worth remembering that in this modality it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge about the material to be disseminated in order to convey seriousness and added value to the material to be sold.

Many companies look for third parties to produce certain materials, either for internal dissemination or for use in publicity campaigns.

7. Selling food is always an option

As with selling products, the options for selling food online are vast and guarantee a good return in a short time and with a low initial investment.

The possibilities are endless: the business can be specific, as in the sale of brigadiers, party sweets, frozen products, snacks, and cakes, or more comprehensive and sell a wider range of products.

Another advantage is that this modality does not prevent face-to-face sales since online sales are by order only, without the need for prior production and product inventory control.

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Date: Sep 05 2022

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Learn how to open your own e-commerce

What the vast majority of people are looking for these days is a way to gain their financial independence. But why is this becoming more and more important? Due to the large variations in the country's economy, one day you have an amount of money considered enough to live on, and the next, the same amount is barely enough to go shopping.

In addition, this financial and economic instability affects all people, including those who own small local businesses, that is, businesses that only sell products in physical stores, thus being limited to selling only in their own city. But how does this relate to what we talked about above? 

When a store is limited to selling only in its local city, the economic crisis can make it necessary for it to close its doors, or to carry out some layoffs to be able to continue maintaining itself for some time, consequently, people end up being unemployed and helpless.

Do you understand the relationship now? When a person can acquire financial independence, he is not at the mercy of other people to earn an income; after all, he produces his own income.

With that in mind, many decide that starting their own business is the best thing to do. And what is the place that is proving to be more and more profitable and perfect to start a business these days? That's right, the internet!

The digital world has taken over the world, and this is possible thanks to the wonders that the internet can do. Therefore, opening a virtual store, known as e-commerce, is one of the safest ways to invest in acquiring financial independence.

As difficult as it may seem to start an e-commerce, the hardest part of all is actually having a good amount of start-up capital to invest. But once you solve that part, the other steps are much simpler. 

So, if you want to open your own online store, keep reading this article and see some tips on what you need to do initially to start your own e-commerce.

Choose which niche you want to work in 

The first thing you should do is choose which niche you will work in. Working with many different product types means that you will need to serve different types of audiences, and for those just starting out, doing this is never a good idea. 

Therefore, we recommend that you define which type of product you want to work with before taking any other step. Some interesting niches you can invest in are: 

  • Baby clothing store ;

  • Shoe and bag store;

  • pet accessories;

  • Selling sporting goods, etc.

Stay on top of market trends

Now that you've defined your niche, it's time to get to know and stay on top of trends in that specific market.

After all, your e-commerce is new to the market, and it needs to stand out in some way. And the best way to do that, regardless of the chosen niche, is to offer products that are trending at the moment.

Find the best suppliers

The time has come to look for suppliers, but this is not as simple a task as it seems. A good supplier must be aligned with the visions and objectives of your e-commerce so that you have a good relationship and can work in the best possible way.

Also, the vast majority of suppliers require a minimum purchase quantity of products, so you need to verify that that supplier's requirements fit the requirements of your business.

Organize your stock

One problem that many online store entrepreneurs face in the beginning is with their inventory. Calculating inventory turns, as easy as it may seem, is not that much, and it takes a lot of organization and discipline to not let your products run out of stock. Or, if one runs out and it is not possible to replace it at that moment, it is necessary to remove it from the store.

To make good control and organize your stock well, you can create organizational spreadsheets or even invest in software that does this type of control for you.

Set payment methods

Defining payment methods is also very important, as you need to choose varied methods that meet both the needs of your customers and the needs of your business. 

For this, try to adhere to the most convenient payment methods, such as PIX, bank slip, credit and debit card, and payments through digital wallets, which are being increasingly used lately. 

Define delivery methods

Finally, you need to choose good and reliable delivery methods, so you don't disappoint your customers. The Post Office is always a good option, but choosing carriers can also be worth it. To ensure the best way to deliver to your customers, research and see which is the most profitable and effective.

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Date: Sep 05 2022

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